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 Angie's Corner

Live Lifestyle Blog •  A fun and informative conversation with people about their plants, homestyle, work life and much more! 

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 July 23rd at 7 PM 

La Lydia Mobile Plant Shop

Rice Village Farmers Market • 1st & 3rd Sunday, Monthly

9:00 AM -1:00 PM
2504 Amherst St. 

Heights Mercantile Farmers Market  •  2nd & 4th Sunday, Monthly

9:00AM -1:00 PM
714 Yale St.

Discovery Green  Flea by Night • July, 20th

6:00PM -10:00 PM

1500 McKinney St.

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LA LYDIA garden BOUtique llc 

Welcome Plant Friends! 

La Lydia Garden Boutique LLC is a company that’s on a mission to put a A PLANT IN EVERY HOME® and make plants accessible for all. We understand that plants are good for our homes as well as our planet and that bringing nature inside can improve your overall health and wellbeing.  

Let us help you live better with plants through our innovative Plant Shops, Workshops, Plants & People Services and Community Outreach Programs listed below.

Mobile Plant Shop: We are Houston's 1st mobile plant shop! Our La Lydia Mobile Plant Shop is located at Rice Village Farmers Market at 2504 Amherst St. and Heights Mercantile Farmers Market at 714 Yale St. Join us and shop our healthy houseplants and support local farmers and artisans.

La Lydia is not just a plant shop, we create curated plant spaces for homes and workspaces, we provide educational and fun nature themed workshops for all ages and unique garden gifts for pop ups through out the city.

Petal On Bikes: An urban flower and plant shop on two and sometimes four wheels. Petals On Bikes uses eco-friendly pedal power to bring house plants, succulents and flowers to urban dwellers in downtown and EaDo Houston. We provide condos and townhome dwellers a unique opportunity – the ease of buying beautiful items from nature at their office and front door.  

A PLANT IN EVERY HOME® Non-Profit: We are just getting started plant friend! Stay tune as we make plants accessible to everyone, specifically in underserved communities.

for more information visit:


Real Plants for Real People. That’s what we offer. That’s who we are.

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La Lydia Garden Boutique

La Lydia is a unique, local garden boutique whose mission is a plant in every home. We believe that

every home needs and deserves a bit of nature’s beauty. Plants help us sleep, breathe and feel better. We offer house plants, plant pots made by local artisans, plants potted in vintage, re-purposed, and new-again planters, small space gardening, planting workshops & parties, farm flowers, and more!


We are committed to offering hope and inspiration through our plant pottery focused on social issues such as body positivity, breast cancer, and more. We delight in creating plant pots that inspire you to think and act on issues like civil rights for people of color and climate change. We thank you for joining us as we strive to Make America Green Again and help people create happier, and healthier lives!


Special Events & Services:

●      Our Planting Parties, Succulent Bars, and Flower Crown Bars give those who appreciate nature and beauty a chance to personally engage their creativity, to step away from the craziness of life and the hum of technology, and just breathe and have fun!

●      Need help planting and maintaining your indoor and outdoor plants?   We can do that, too.  Tell us what you need, and we will do our best to make it happen.

About La Lydia

Angela is an artist! The way she is able to transform items and give life to them with plants is truly magical. Beyond her talent, her spirit and smile will brighten your day.



Ms. Angie has amazing work! I purchased an adorable mini succulent in a Santa Clause mug from her. Great price, and she provided care instructions. The rest of her collection contains unique and creative plantings! I will definitely be back.



About Angela 

Hi, I am Angela Harris Cannizzo owner of all things La Lydia!

Where creating a lifestyle that promotes beauty and harmony through nature, garden gifts and eco-nigh living is my PASSION!

My desire to live in a space of beauty and harmony was developed from an early age. I was raised in the country and lived on a hill in a white Jim Walter house that overlooked a large valley, and depending on the season, I grew corn, okra and peas. Across the valley on another hill lived my grandmother, better known as Madea and she raised chickens and other animals. It was a simple life full of country living and outdoor discovery. No trips to the mall, the movie theater or playing video games. Playtime was nature time and I loved it! Imagine eating off the land, chasing fireflies and sitting round a pot belly stove eating sweet potato pie. It’s those memories that helped me to become the creative gal I am today.

About Angela
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