Green Your Space.
Interior & Exterior
Landscaping Service

Let us help you bring nature inside your home and work space. 

Step 1: Complete online questionnaire here

Step 2: Schedule Consultation once consult request has been approved via email 

Step 3: Pay Consult fee 

Step 4: Meet with Consultant

Step 5: Consultant provides service agreement that includes the service fee for Research, Development, Design and an estimated price sheet for plants and supplies.

Step 6: Installation 

What No Step Seven?! Nope because it’s just that simple to Green Your Space!

The service fee is set for a two week or less block. Client is responsible for all supplies needed to complete installation. Included is a price spreadsheet for plants. You will have the option to select all or none of these plants but keep in mind any additional changes will include an additional service fee. Potting supplies includes planters, soil, gravel and any decorative elements such as moss.


Bringing nature inside should be as natural as taking a walk in the park and getting support for you and your plant family should be as simple A B C and 1 2 3.  La Lydia Garden Boutique LLC is excited to offer our Plants and People service for your small space plantscaping needs. We listen, give support and help you and your plants thrive and grow!   

Pay here after receiving your consult approved