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Welcome, La Lydia Family, to our first blog post for all things La Lydia Garden Boutique and for YOU! We are a community, and we are looking forward to being able to connect with you in this new way.

COMING SOON! We have something coming up that we think you will really dig. IG Live Potting Sessions where you can sip a glass of wine, watch, and ask us questions about plants and life in general.

Guests and topics change weekly, so be sure to follow our blog to stay up to date.

It's a live tutorial, so expect the unexpected and text us questions! We will try to be on our very best plant mom behavior.


Our first group potting session is in works for the month of October. We want to you to get out and vote for the upcoming election. To join the group potting session you will just need to purchase a La Lydia potting packet. The packet will include all you need to pot a long with us: Plant Pot, Plant, Potting Soil. You will be able to select from from the following pots:

Vote, Vote 2020 and our Kamala Harris plant pot. This is an important election, and we are going to do our part to plant inspiration and hope as we all head out to cast our vote.

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