Bringing nature inside is a healthy, easy way to remove indoor air toxins. We sleep better, wake up happy and feel good overall when we bring nature inside. 

To help you live your best life we have created La Lydia Plant Bouquets! No flowers just plants. How amazing is that?! 

Our Plant Bouquets are perfect for your home and office. Each bouquet is filled with beautiful, easy-grow, healthy plants and arranged in a lovely, locally handcrafted, wooden box display.  

Choose a bouquet that best fit your needs or let us surprise you.
NASA Breathe Easy: Air purifying bouquet

Alicia's Blooms: Blooms mixed bouquet

Eco Love: Succulents & cacti bouquet

Wild Inside: Green foliage mixed bouquet

Surprise: Let us choose your bouquet for you!

Plants can be watered without removing from weather treated box.
Plants: 4in Pots
Wood Box Planter: 5.5 width 14.5 length 4.5 height.

Plant Bouquet Planters

Plant Bouquets

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