A t -shirt design based on what we all love to do : RELAX,  SIP,  POT,  GROW
Be inspired and treat yourself or your favorite plant friend with Sip & Pot Tee.

The calming nature of plants:
Indoor plants can add so much to our indoor environments. They provide living accents to our decor, which may help calm us and encourage a relaxing mood. Live plants are known to clear the mind and reduce stress.

About our Sip & Pot Workshop: 
How do you RELAX? What brings you CALM? Is it sipping your favorite drink to calm your nerves, maybe it's simply being in the presence of nature surrounded by beautiful plants or is it digging into a pile of rich moist potting soil? We help you do all three with our fun innovative potting workshop. All potting supplies are provided.

T shirts fit on the large size. 

 Find details about our next Sip & Pot Instagram an on website under events.

Sip & Pot T - Shirt