It's not a moment It's a movement! Women who lead with truth and action!

Plant pots designed to empower women! 

A pot in honor of Stacey Abrams.....Yes please! 

"We must use words to uplift and include. We can use our words to fight back against oppression and hate. But we must also channel our words into action." Stacey Abrams 

 Flower: Georgia designated the Cherokee rose (Rosa laevigata) as the official state floral emblem in 1916

Our empowerment pots are handmade and crafted by a local female artisan. Pots are not mass produced therefore each pot will have slight variations in size and shape. Pots are approximately 3.5in - 4in. 

We are including a free house plant with each pot purchase. This is our way of fulfill our mission of A PLANT IN EVERY HOME® Thank you for your purchase and lets continue to fight for women's rights globally.

Stacey Abrams