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in-person shopping

LaLydia Garden Boutique at
Brass Tacks

612 Live Oak 
Houston, TX 77003


Tuesday - Saturday: 8am - 5pm

We are constantly growing and

expanding our inventory. 

Visit our in-house shop or email us for all your plant needs.

La Lydia Garden Boutique
Curated Plant Shops

Our on-site conveniently located Plant Shops for all places

where people gather.


Plants are hand selected and goods are chosen to fit each unique business with it's customers in mind. 

As we like to say...Real Plants for Real People! Never Fake because who wants a fake person or plant when you can have the REAL thing. Real hugs and real plants that love you back.

Shop our houseplants and goods at

the following locations:

Wonder Like Wander 

2506 La Branch St

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