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Plant Care

Plant Therapy Take Action

You talk, we listen and help you create a plan of action!

1hr 30min ・ $140 and up

Online or In-Person

Email us at to book


Service Description:

We still listen but we will also help you create a plan of action for your current plant family or guide you in becoming a first time plant parent based on your needs so you and your plants can flourish and thrive!



Plant & Pet Sitter

We love nurturing plants and pets!  

30min to 1hr ・ $45 and up daily
Client's place

Emails us at to book

Service Description:

Our plants and pets are our family and just like family they should be treated with special care.

La Lydia Plant and Pet Sitter service will come in once a day or as often as needed to provide love and attention while you are away.

How it works: We will feed, water, walk and provide basic plant care: misting, watering, dusting and sun rotation.


**To book please contact us at

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