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What People are saying

We were inspired by Angie's amazing plants at Brass Tacks and were so excited to have her assess our plants. She covered everything from pots to light and fertilizer, and position in our space. And she had helpful recommendations for new plants that would thrive in our home. Thank you, Angie!
Sarah L.

I‘ve finally settled in after an extended summer away. The plants inside our house as well as those on the roof deck all flourished under your care. I appreciate your high level of professionalism - you took the work seriously paying close attention to the needs of each plant. You went beyond what we discussed as the scope of the job - moving plants when you noticed they were getting too much sun or not enough. You modified the watering schedule when you saw that certain plants were thirsty & others were being over watered…It is this customized approach that makes your service stand out. The plants thrived & look AMAZING - YOU are truly a plant WHISPERER!

I felt totally at ease from the moment we first met & started talking about your plant sitting service. You are honest, conscientious & reliable - important qualities that are hard to find. I appreciated the weekly summary updates & especially the photos of flowering plants. It allowed me to experience the joy of seeing them in bloom while I was away. it was so thoughtful of you! Our correspondence over the summer months allowed us to problem solve when needed. The comprehensive notes you sent to me when I returned home were invaluable & helped to make for a fluid & easy transition. 

All in all, I highly recommend your plant sitting service & have told friends about you. I'm MORE than a SATISFIED customer & plan on calling you when I go away again for a long period of time.
BIG appreciative hugs,
Susan R.

After seeing Angie's work at Brass Tack I reached out hoping she could add some final touches as we prepared to open our wine bar and restaurant, Roots. 

After a walk through, and sharing of a few ideas, Angie came back for installation and exceeded our expectations. All the plants were selected to fit within our lighting conditions, every plant base fit our aesthetic, and she provided plant options for us all while staying within budget. Highly recommend! 

Roots Wine Bar

Talk about trust! Being familiar with Angie's work at bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, I reached out in hopes she could liven up my home. I met with Angie and Cindi and gave full reign to transform my whole house. I am very happy with the results, and as I look to add to my plant family - I know who I will call! 

Lori H.

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